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About Hansraj College Delhi : Delhi University College

Hans Raj College, an institution par- excellence, is the pride of Delhi University and one of the eight hundred DAV Institutions. A premier institution with highly qualified academicians imparting education in different fields, the college today enjoys a reputation for outstanding performance in academics, sports and co-curricular activities. HansRaj College is rated among the top ten colleges out of about 30,000 colleges in India. It has made a significant contribution to the society in terms of producing numerous dignitaries, scholars and intellectuals, who have served and are serving different domains in our country and abroad.



Hansraj College Delhi :

The college is imparting knowledge at four different levels, the first and foremost from Monday to Saturday for day time scholars, secondly, part time courses in two foreign languages (German & French), thirdly, to Non-collegiate girls students on Sundays and vacations and fourthly, to underprivileged school going children of neighborhood from 2.30 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. on working days under the banner of Padhakhu (NGO). This is a unique testimonyto Swami Vivekananda’s concept of universal brotherhood.
Library Located at the heart of the campus in an exclusive building designed for the purpose, the Hans Raj College Library comprises four sections: Main Library, Departmental Libraries and the Periodical and Textbook Sections. The Library has a rich collection of more than 1,35,000 titles and 98 periodicals published in India and abroad. It has study spaces with a mix of quiet and group study areas. It also has a Book Bank for lending textbooks to deserving & needy students for one year. Internet facility is available for students inside the library. Online searching/referencing is available through computers.


Hansraj College Delhi Membership & Rules :

Admitted students should contact the Librarian’s office with their fee slip and a thumb-size photograph for issue of Identity and Library cards. Students are issued four Library cards (two for the General Section, one for Departmental library and one for the Text Book Section)


Sports at Hansraj College

The College has facilities for both outdoor and indoor games. Its students have won University, State and National level championships in pistol shooting, archery, basketball, badminton, cricket etc. The performance of its teams in lawn tennis, swimming, table-tennis, etc. has been equally commendable. In chess, polo and other individual events too, the College has performed well. The college was awarded best College in Sports and the Chancellor’s Trophy by the Delhi University Sports Council .
List of games

1. Basket Ball (M), 2. Aquatics (M) (Swimming) 3. Lawn Tennis (Men) 4. Squash Racket 5. Archery (M &W) 6. Shooting (Pistol & Rifle,(M & W)) (only International in Skit, Trap, Shotgun) 7. Table Tennis (M & W) 8. Badminton (M & W) 9. Chess.Polo, Golf and Equestrian ( only for International level players) . Sports facilities are made available to all students under the programme ‘Games For All’. All students are expected to participate. Existing facilities are continuously upgraded and improved.


Hansraj College Canteen :

The Hansraj College Canteen is spread over 375 sq.m and accommodates approximately 150 users. Staff members and students share the Canteen. It aims to provide a variety of quality food & beverages at competitive rates. A multi-product retail outlet is also functional adjacent to it. For any problems/ queries regarding the Canteen, please contact the Convener, Canteen Committee, Mr. Animesh Naskar, Economics Department.
Computer Infrastructure The College has seven well-equipped and well managed Computer Laboratories. Approximately 210 state-of-the –art machines from IBM, HCL & HP and LCD Projectors, Plasma TVs and Interactive Boards are available along with all other necessary peripherals.

Hansraj College Alumni

Alumni Association The Hans Raj College Alumni Association has more than 8000 members. The purpose is to bring together the various alumni on a common platform for strengthening the network of its student community. It has a formally organized structure with elected office bearers sharing the responsibility of its functioning with the College. Its annual meeting is held in the College on the first Sunday of every February. Over the years, these meetings have emerged as a warm meeting ground for ex-students and their families.

Delhi University Hansraj College

Magazine The College publishes an annual magazine ‘HANS’ which includes contributions from students and staff members. It has three sections: Hindi, English and Sanskrit.


Under Graduate Courses: Commerce Chemistry Economics Computer Science English Electronics Hindi Integrated B.Sc. (H) Geology – M.Sc. Geology * History Mathematics Sanskrit Physics Anthropology* Life Sciences# Botany Physical Sciences# Zoology *The main classes for these courses will be held in the respective departments at the University # The exact nature and nomenclature of these courses is yet to be decided by the University
Post Graduates Courses Students are enrolled in the College for the following post-graduate courses but for admission they have to apply to the concerned faculty in the University, directly. M.A. / M.Com. Commerce English Hindi History Sanskrit M.Sc. Anthropology Botany Chemistry Integrated B.Sc. (H) Geology – M.Sc. Geology * Mathematics Operational Research Physics Zoology

University Examination and Promotions The University conducts Semester Examination at the end of each academic semester for students admitted to various courses in the College (barring foreign language courses). Admission to this Examination is as per university rules.


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