How to reach Hansraj College Delhi University?

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How to reach Hansraj College Delhi University

Located in the North Campus of Delhi University (DU). The nearest metro station is Vishwavidyala (Yes, the name of the station is because of the university and thus one can understand how famous and reputed the campus is) on the Yellow Line and is a minute walk from the main gate of the campus. There are hundreds of cycle rickshaws right at the gate of the university and outside every college within the North campus which charge you Rs. 10. The DTC bus frequency, especially for the North campus, is pretty awesome and drops you to the college gate at a mere cost of Rs. 10. Some prefer to come by their private vehicles as there is enormous parking space. In short, accessibility is not a problem and connectivity is superb.

There is a bicycle stand right outside the gate of the university which provides bicycles on a rental basis. The cost is Rs. 10 for four hours. Can’t expect anything cheaper than this!

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