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Mecca, Hindu College Campus Events

Campus Events : The Annual Cultural Fest of Hindu comes to you this month from 25th-28th February. Mecca acts as a choir of various musical events, ranging from sufi to pop and rock-n-roll, literary events, fashion shows, etc. to name a few. The past years have seen the grand success of the fest because of the participation of mind boggling number of students.

Crossroads, Shri Ram College of Commerce Campus Events

Campus Events : The largest cultural fest of DU that sees a footfall of over 10,000 people a day. With just a few weeks left for the fest, there is already a lot of conjecture around the campus as to which celebrity will burn the floor this time.

Renaissance, Kirori Mal College Campus Events

The fest is scheduled to be held from February 23-25. Renaissance 2015 has a long list of events lined up. KMC’S fest is known for being one of the best in North Campus. It has a huge turnout, no restricted entry and amazing performances.

Tempest, Miranda House Campus Events

The annual fest of Miranda House is looked up to every year with a lot of excitement as it hosts the best star performances in campus. It caters to a wide variety of audience as well as participants from top institutes all over the country.

Confluence, Hansraj College Campus Events

Hansraj promises to come up with a bigger and better fest each year. The evenings at Confluence see cultural performances by popular names that leave everyone mesmerized.

Ullas, Kamla Nehru College Campus Events

Spanning over two days, the fest has a plethora of activities and competitions. It is a culturally active fest and all college societies’ work really hard together to take this show to another level.

Nexus, Sri Venkateswara College Campus Events

Nexus –long recognized as a premier cultural festival of Delhi University, continues to draw high levels of talent and participation from colleges and institutes across Delhi. The Battle of Bands and One Act Theatre event are highly appreciated and enjoyed immensely by all.

Reverie, Gargi College Campus Events

After a series of back to back enthralling fests over the years, Gargi College presents its Annual Cultural Fest – Reverie 2k15, Labyrinth of Life. This time, experience the magic that makes life an illusion at Gargi College. One of the best fests of DU, Reverie establishes a yard stick for the rest.

Shruti, Indraprastha College For Women

Shruti witnesses some of the best talents to look forward to. And of course there is a lot of excitement for the star night and the Dj Night.

Tarang, Lady Shri Ram College Campus Events

Tarang, LSR’s annual fest is one of the most awaited ones and opens up the fest season at Delhi University. The fest this year was from 16-18 January 2015. It has a fulgent history and it always aims at putting a phenomenal show each year.

NSS Hans Raj’s annual fest ‘Utsav 2015′ organized

Utsav, the annual fest of NSS Hans Raj College took place on 25th February, 2015. Shri Trinath Mishra, former Director of CBI was the Chief Guest and Shri Satish K. Singh, Editor in Chief, Live India was the inaugural guest at the event. The fest hosted a plethora of fun-filled and intellectual events that managed to grab huge crowds and good attendance from students and teachers alike.

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